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Our baseball and softball training programs are founded on the principle that for a player to excel we must first assess the current skill level and then design an individualized development program for each player. If the player has an intense desire to excel, the training program will provide the guidance the player needs to reach his or her potential.

Skills Training

Baseball and softball players will have their current skill level assessed by our highly experienced, professional coaching staff. During assessment and training the staff have the benefit of the state of the art technology and video. These are the training aids used by MLB players.

Performance Training

Outstanding players train physically as well fundamentally. Because fundamental skill is enhanced by speed, power, balance and agility, performance training is critical to the overall development of the player. Cooper Sports Performance, led by renowned performance coach Dr. Josh Cooper, provides vital performance training to our Fbi athletes.

Cognitive Skills Training

To reach our potential as a player we must develop the focus and mental toughness it takes to succeed in competition. To be a skilled hitter in baseball and softball visual skills must also be trained. Our players can improve their focus through NeuroTracker training system. Hitters improve their visual skills by training with our Game Sense system.

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Our Crew

Coaches That Care

Mark Newman

Retired Senior VP of NY Yankees

In three decades with the New York Yankees, Mark helped train and develop over a dozen MLB All-Stars including future Hall of Famers Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Robby Cano. The training approach used by the Yankees during that period will provide the foundation for FBi training programs.

Dr. Josh Cooper

Owner of Cooper Speed & Strength

Josh is one of the foremost performance coaches in the U.S and has trained over 50 Olympic athletes as well as several MLB, NFL and NBA stars. He is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in addition to being a certified Sports Nutritionist. Josh has an Ed.D in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology. Cooper Sports Performance plays a vital role in the development of all players at the Florida Baseball Institute.

Addison Maruszak

Owner of AMP Pro Training

Addison has 8 years of professional playing experience in the Yankees and Phillies organization. Addison has developed superior knowledge of baseball fundamentals as well the mental game that is so important to success on the diamond. Addison has put that experience to good use in the youth baseball community in the Tampa Bay area. He has developed highly regarded coach and player training programs through his AMP Pro Training and Baseball U companies. Addison will direct instructional programs at the Florida Baseball Institute.

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