Baseball Camps

Baseball and Softball Camps

Our baseball camps are broken up into 3 main categories:

Youth Development

9am – 1pm
OPTION to go 1pm-3pm with Cooper Performance

Age Groups

Our youth development summer baseball camps are designed to engage players and help them fall in love with the game as well as develop fundamentally. Players will be drilled all aspects of the game: Hitting, pitching, infield, outfield, and catching. With the use of our premier indoor facility, we are able to create an amazing learning environment for young players. FBi’s extraordinary facility allows players to stay  out of the summer heat and rain. View our camp days and come join us!

Elite Hitting Camp

9am – 1pm (3 days)

Age Groups

This camp is strictly hitting. Hitting instruction has changed dramatically in the last few years. Important pieces of technology have broken through the baseball landscape to help coaches better understand the swing and translate swing development into swing results. FBi has invested into these technologies which are HEAVILY used in the Elite Hitting Camp. Each player receives their own profile within this system so we are better able to track development. This is the camp for you if you are looking to develop into a high caliber hitter. You will have the best coaches and resources to help take your swing to the next level.

Skills Week

9am – 1pm (DAILY)

Age Groups

Our Skills Week Camp is designed to provide intense training to young players in hitting and defensive skills. A different defensive skill will be emphasized on each day of the camp. Hitting skills will be trained each day for the entire week. Monday will be hitting and infield day. Tuesday will be hitting and catching day. Wednesday will be hitting and outfield day. Thursday will be hitting and pitching day. Friday will be advanced hitting day and will focus on vision, approach and timing. Players can sign up for any combination of days or all five days. This week is for players who want very a very advanced level of training in a variety of areas.

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